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Various combinations of modules, depending on the field of production, have to be used in order to complete the automation of production. Nevertheless, let's try to define some management stages of the given process:

Cost estimationIt is done within BS Finance module. Since the module is flexible in adjustment, cost allocation may be as detailed as needed and the financial data used may be combined with quantitative information from BS Inventory.

Business ProcessesBS Inventory is able to describe and specify any business processes of an enterprise. This specification includes data entries, drafting various documents, and also shifting business-objects through different process stages that define the actions an operator is authorized to perform.

Technological ChartsThey are done in the module BS Inventory. Technological chart is easily formed through combined records of the components and routes. Such information is a planning data for the system and can be edited or adjusted at any stage preceding the level of completion. Using on this and employing Gant curve one can easily structure operational planning of production. While operating the system receives actual data from AMS TP or directly from the equipment. Further on, this data is used in wages accounting, depreciation accrual, cost estimation, etc.