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Health makes any of us forget of routine and drives all our attention to itself. Every time we turn for medical help, we want it fast, high-grade, and professional.

Automation of polyclinic, personal cards, and scheduling of receptions and checkups is not the only option of the module BS Medicine. Its functionality coupled with equipment developed by our colleagues allows conducting medical inspections by numerous traditional and non-traditional methods that are closely integrated and correlated with each other. An example could be classical electro-cardiogram and functional diagnostic - 2 variants of cardiological estimations. The result of the majority of the methods would be a protocol of inspection that shortly informs of various indicators and provides express evaluation of the condition of the organs or the whole organism.

The module also contains a set of specialized directories (such as diseases, medicals, recommendations, etc.) that are of great use to every doctor. They can be refreshed and extended by the user or via Internet from the "medical club" of Business Service Company.