Смена языка

  • Description the business model of the company «as is»
  • Development of a strategic plan of goals and action
  • programs
  • Development of the program change the organizational structure of the company
  • Description the business model of the company “How it should be”
  • Fund management of working hours the stuff
  • Formation of a package of normative documents regulating the activity of the company
Many companies are faced with a problem of the lack of a common tool of organizational managementand financial structure of the company, functions, business processes, authorities, responsibilities. The solution of this problem may be the introduction of software module OrgWare, which addresses issues of organizational management, including company management system restructuring.

Functionality of the module is to support the organizational modeling and organizational regulations, description of business processes.

Multilevel representation of the business model gives us an opportunity to coordinate the functions, powers, responsibilities of corporate management models and models of point-level management staff of enterprises and business units, ending the level of departments and staff.

It was aided the formation of regulatory documents (on the standard structure), structural units of instruction,duty instructions.

Functionality of module provides management of organizational, financial, accounting structure, functional model and models of the enterprises’ responsibility, helps to effectively set up and systematize the business-processes of the company.

Module OrgWare covers all stages of restructuring cycle of the company: the rationale and objectives of development strategy, a plan for implementing the strategy, the rationale for step-by-step structural changes, step-by-step changes in the distribution of functions, authority and responsibilities of staff.

Using OrgWare reduces the cost and time of the introduction of an integrated system of BSI due to great depth study, identify inconsistencies and opportunities for improving the organizational structure of BP and before the setting up and launch of the BSI. As a description is performed within a single system of BSI, for the description of realization toolset of organizational functions (reports, BP, inputs, etc.) are used for determining appropriate management regimes.