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Business Service is a young and professional company, young not only of age but young of its spirit. It was founded in the end of 90's and as a new age company we brought to the new era experience combined with unprejudiced vision of the new projects. That's the reason why we give preference exclusively to advanced technologies of business administration and of development of software. Moreover, we provide our clients with all possible help when employing new developments.

Our major task is to ensure dynamic operation of you business to allow the management of your enterprise more time for development of strategies and objectives of the business. The main fields of our activities are:
  • Business consulting
  • Automation of accounting and enterprise management by the means of «BSI» (BS Integrator)and/or SunSystems. «BSI» (BS Integrator 2.3) is the company's own recent development. It a package management system that automates all the fields of enterprise's activities
  • Conduct and service of the mentioned systems
  • Administrating the operating assets of our clients, their networks, etc.
  • Staff training
  • Development of software products made on order for a particular business
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing research
Our company's specialists have longstanding (more than 10 years) experience in producing software, installing and servicing it. Among our clients are industrial, trading, service, budgetary and other companies. We keep in touch with every client providing him with personal high-quality service.

Other directions of the company's activity Besides development of the system «BSI» (BS Integrator), our research and development fulfils special projects "on order". Such projects are creating individually tuned software including Internet projects and porting different programs from different platforms to Windows. Many projects are done for foreign clients, which proves high quality of our work.