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It is the biggest module in terms of functionality. In contrast to many other systems, we chose not to separate processes of purchase, sale, manufacture and storage of inventory. They are all parts of an integrated business cycle of a company, and differ from each other only in terms of materials accounting supplementing financial accounting. That's why BS Inventory integrated all necessary functions for materials-flow management.

The mechanism of business-process adjustment, built-into the module, allows to describe all schemes of a business applied at enterprises. Simultaneously, one can individually control and manage any document or business-object in the system. Flexible mechanism of adjustment permits complete automation of (for example) sales cycle joining drafting a commercial offer, reservation of inventory, presenting an invoice, delivery of the product, and making entries into BS Finance. One can also compose special price-lists that would depend on inputting certain data. Inventory accounted in the system can be easily revalued and listed.

For the purposes of automation of the manufacturing process, the module incorporates a special function that describes manufacturing process (technological maps and routes, components of the product, employment of the resources, their changeability, etc.). The built-in Gant curves facilitate executive planning and optimize flows. Moreover, integration of BS Integrator with AMS TP (or installing the system within the technological equipment) will make it possible to control and manage technological process directly.

Application of ERP, MRP, MRP II, SCM coupled with functionality of the module allows for effective planning and management of resources and materials flow. Potential of the module permits to organize efficient control over the quality of the goods produced (which is absolutely necessary for international standards certification like series ISO 9000, for example) and rejects control.

Functionality of BS Inventory is broad enough to manage internet-shop, interact with barcode scanners, cash registers and other equipment.