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The major field of management accounting is BS Finance. Let's consider some directions of this kind of accounting:

Income/Loss AccountingThe calculations are done by introducing a special operation analytic. All actual transactions specified by this analytic are entered into the system. The system includes a special account type "Income and Loss" that simplifies subsequent grouping of this kind of transactions to various levels of revenues and expenses.

BudgetingOne of the major requirements for competent enterprise management is budgeting and controlling the budget. «BSI» (BS Integrator) embodies functions specially designed for operations that make detailed and discrete budgets (such as calendar, fiscal periods, weeks).

PlanningVarious estimates being used in various development scenarios allow you to run a multi-version analysis contributes to making a right choice of what market strategy to follow.

Management accounting is simply an administration toolWe did not attempt to make a management accounting guide out of this section. We are just saying that BS Integrator being a multifunctional instrument for enterprise management allows to construct an adequate work place for specialists of any level or qualification.