Смена языка

"Corporate intranet"Intranet is internal network of a company. Of course, it is hardly imaginable without access to general web. The module is back-office for various show-cases, information pages or sets, internal and external info sites that allow to organize internal information space and also to present the enterprise to the external world. Employing modern technologies of Microsoft one can arrange information from within the system and from the outside on a single web page. For instance: it is easy to imagine a work place of a director ("control panel of an enterprise") that contains special secure web pages. The pages are individually adjusted to the needs of every user (director or manager). They can reflect concise operational data on the enterprise as well as other "external" information, like current financial rates/indexes, hot news, etc. Consequently the director is able to make a general evaluation of company's current state, follow cash flows, consider profitability, control budget, request more detailed information, and so on.

It is worth to mention that this site is also supported by BS Intranet module.