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Advantages of BSI:

  • World experience of creation and operation of large control systems is taken into consideration;
  • Having functionality which can compete with the world products, the cost of BSI is considerably lower;
  • BSI can be referred to the «business-designers» class, it can be adjusted for any field of activity, including adoption for any diversified enterprises, corporations and holdings which combine the various kinds of business;
  • It uses the process approach for business management;
  • It is universal. The tuneable wizards are used: for busine­ss­ processes, entries, requests, analysis, reports.
BSI focuses on medium and large enterprises. Advantages particularly comes up in the processing of large volume information, complicated structure of companies (holding companies, data consolidation), the presence of distinct business processes BSI is suitable for automation of any type of production. For direct control of technological process of the system can be integrated with specialized software , and equipment.

Easy scalability and flexibility to allow the settings at any time to adapt the BSI under the changing business requirements and legislation. Settings can be carried out as a system administrator of the client, as well as a normal user (if access rights are available). Thus, the system can be operated smoothly and scalability without the support of the manufacturer.

BSI is based on SQL technology, which ensures speed of data processing and reliability of the system. Thus, the usage of databases of different manufacturers. Technologically, the system focuses on the multiuser work (up to hundreds of users and the allocation of servers or Internet access is possible to have tens of thousands) in real-time basis.

BSI has a special WEB-interface, allowing toserve as the input and retrieval of information (analysis and reporting) over the Internet, using the standard Web navigation. It enables to arrange removing working places (regions, access of distributors, Internet - shops, etc.) with a small cost of deploying system.

As the description of the business logic in BSI is separated from the database and executable code, most of the settings can be easily transferred via the Internet, that greatly simplifies the process of interaction with customers and in turn, increases the speed of deployment and scalability of the system in case of any dispersed installations.